Thursday, 1 October 2009

Links to GRD III Review

R1149452 (Medium) ^A fishmonger did anatomy to the fish, just as a tester to a camera and me to the GDR III in writing.

In September, a review of the GRD III was done.  I'm still wondering about the possibility of Ricoh producing the next camera with a APS-C size sensor.  If that is to be the case, the pricing is a point to be pondered on.  Judging from the prevailing options, such a camera should sit in a price range between the M4/3 system and the GRD III, which is not wide enough to maintain the appeal of the latter.  Could this be a reason why the price of GRD III in Hong Kong has seen a drop to the level of the GX200 at whose launch?

R1149297 (Medium)
The following are the links to the GRD III review:

1) Ground bReaking Deal for 3 (just an introductory post with a photo I like)

2) Hong KonG RhapsoDic Impression3

3) Quintessentially Hong Kong + GRD3 = ?

4) Get Raw Dng h3re

5) Go aRounD 3ongkok

6) Further Improving Ergonomics in GRD III

7) Tips on Lesser Noticed but Notable Functions of GR

8) Final Verdicts on GRD III

9) Additional: Comparative shots against other serious compacts

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