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No Two of Them Are Similar

(Leica X1)There is no better time to pay less for a comparably good older camera models than when most photographers are eyeing the new ones on their arrival. In the case of Ricoh's GR series, the GRD IV is now up for grab at a radically reduced price in Hong Kong's market – last month a new IV (white or black) was sold for around USD300 or GBP240; now a 6-month-old second-hand one can go as low as USD230 or GBP180.  As I am contemplating a used GRD IV, someone was once puzzled enough to ask me how different a IV is from those in my camera cabinets. My reply is short and to-the-point: they are different in their own way.The cheaper price aside, the reasons why I consider the IV is that, as avid Ricoh users have surely learned from reviews, the new GR produces images somewhat lacking the colour characters as reproduced in those by the previous models in the family.  The GR is, in fact, a very different camera from the sensor to the use befitting it.  To street photographers, th…

Focus Defocused

(Leica D-Lux 5)

Supposing you are asked to do a photo showing the mood of a place or an area, how would you go about it?For sure there are plenty of ways.One can read lots of books and study theories to come up with an idea.However, a volley of theoretical statements can sometimes be no more than garnishment to what practical illustrations can teach.There is much truth in it for photography.
To answer the question, there is not much chance that a theory could inspire you to make shots of legs to represent your best.Definitely not in the case of a commercial project like for a movie poster as what Evangelo Costadimas has done here.I choose to be inspired by practical works.

Evangelo used to be an engineer and when he was laid off in his late 40s, he took his photography hobby to a new height to become his second career.His works are widely seen in Hong Kong and overseas and his name is among the local artists noted in the University of Hong Kong's art archive.One of the archived works…

Riding Past

(Leica X1) Enjoy!


(Ricoh GX200)

Can't take my eyes off the facial expression on his naked body seemingly saying: Uh-Oh!