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(Leica D-Lux 5)Langlui means nymph in Cantonese. But the expression is also used as a universal address of a lady especially when you are going to ask for her assistance or favour.

Hong Kong Spirits

(Leica D-Lux 5)With a dollop of nostalgia of what made the British-Hong Kong tick, Hong Kong seems to be losing the impetus to move forward. People are increasingly backward-looking, and therefore are turning inward-looking to the same measure.  The Hong Kong spirits of can-do, pragmatism and hardworking are giving way to hidebound beliefs and uptight feelings about one another over almost every social and political issue. As the saying goes, every why has a wherefore. Such mutual mistrust cannot be brewed if the government has not second-guessed and now kowtows to the political taste of the north, which only helps the society to further polarise and grind to a halt.

Red and Yellow

(Leica D-Lux 5)The more I use my currently owned cameras, the less keenly felt is the tantalising chance of getting a new camera between the hefty price tag and the perennial mulling over which will be the perfect choice. It sounds like a paradox but the perfect choice is very often among those lying in your camera cabinet. In the film era, there was a notion of outgrowing a camera before getting a new one. Fact is, it takes years of using and exploring with a camera to outgrow it. These days, the short cycles of quantum leap in digital imaging technology make me wonder whether so many novel fancy features should be put in a new model in the first place. I bet 99% of the users would have never touched half of all functions before the thought is spent on getting the next camera. The notion of outgrowing a camera is out. Most features of a camera are actually of practical value. But we seldom use them and are most interested in chasing the perfect camera.Trust me, the perfect camera is …

Going to Work

(Leica D-Lux 5)…gives sort of a confined, gloomy feeling. So did this sense appear to me and I therefore took the shot.

Golden Sky

(Sony A55)Enjoy!

Brightened Up

(Leica X1)May you all have a good start for this week!

Welcome to Sunday

(Ricoh GX200)This is Sunday. Welcome!