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Showing posts from February 27, 2011

The Next Station Is

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)This is Sunday.  Have a restful day!

Let There Be Light

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)

Phew, a busy week of darkness has passed.
The characteristic of GX200's black-and-white images with the grains is so likeable.

P.S. The two dots along the right margin are suspicious.

Look Right, Look Left

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)This shot was done after several times of failure.  The waiting paid off at last.

Cliche that Works

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)The human eyes are always drawn to repetitive patterns and symmetry. All a photographer needs are the right shooting location, a camera ready and a bit of luck.

Canton Road

(Camera: Ricoh GX200; Reflection applied in PP)Canton Road is occupied by flag shops of the big brand-name fashion houses where the rich Mainland Chinese can be found going on their spending spree from Monday to Sunday throughout the year.


(Camera: Ricoh GX200)If you stop and observe in a city, there are just too many interesting scenes to shoot.

Ground Below

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)The author had envisaged this shot and waited there for it for a couple of days every morning. The waiting was not wasted.

Against All Odds

(Camera: Panasonic GH2)Enough adventurous work life. This is Sunday; pursue an adventurous past-time of yours. Have fun!