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Showing posts from August 13, 2017

Sleep I Can't

Photos with high grab quotient have an immediate appeal to viewers.  They arrest your attention right away but the more you look at them, their depth would become more shallow.  A sexist analogy may be that they are 15-second nymphs who grow wrinkles on their face, harvest fat in their tummy and droop from the shoulders the next second. There is no more room left for fancy.

On the contrary, there are some photos that don't turn your head at first sight. But they grow on you over time and make you want to look at them again and again.  They appear richer every single time you revisit them. They will eventually get into your heart and stay there, always providing new room for imagination when they meet your eyes..

If you ake time to muse about this mystery, you would probably find that this applies to all forms of art. To have an eye for this potentially rich works is important.  And in photography, such photographers are able to take mesmerising shots. This quality may come as a g…

Lonely Afternoon

I fixated my gaze across the table onto where the shadows and light fell. Slowly and quietly as if I would disturb the sleep of the shadows in the empty room, I put up my Leica to my eye, meticulously framed the photo before pressing the shutter release fully.  It was the feel of the scene.
Leica is so slow in operation, just perfect for sipping in the feel.