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(Leica D-Lux 5)The Cantonese slang to vividly, but in a playfully vulgar way, moan about the heavy rain is "lockgousee", literally "(it's) raining dog shit" – without specifying it in singular or plural form. Unlike English, the Chinese word in itself does not have a suffixing signifier to indicate the number of things in reference.It has been raining heavily here for a day. The rainy weather is not going to change for the better in the coming week. Sigh, lockgousee all day long!

Manly Relish

(Leica X1)

As of late there have been on the Internet heaps going on about picking the best street photographers, must-see websites of street photography, so on and so forth. While street photography is the vogue of the day, what remains to be discovered are definitive, probably scholarly based answers to questions like: What actually is street photography? Its elements and purposes? What makes up a top-notch street photographer? Until then, such recommendations may make this genre go farther but fare worse. This is not to say that those photographers are not good. On the contrary, they are creative, observant and technically savvy. It is just that some works may be closer to be called eye candies than recommendable shots, and not necessarily to be subsumed under street photography. And some personal picks can be as good as a restricted taste, connection or understanding gets.
Now this is starting to sound like some manly relish of making a conversation covering the sour grapes.…

My Way

(Sony A55)My fav shot. Nothing to add for today.

Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong

(Leica X1)
Leanne the writer cum arts editor of HK Magazine broadcast an interesting question in her tweet, "Do you think of non-Chinese residents when you hear "Hongkongers"?"
To the locals, non-Chinese residents probably came up only on second thoughts.
During a visit to the UK two years ago, I met some people from the UK Judiciary and district councils speaking their mind aloud against the sizeable extra amount of public money spent on securing the civil rights of the ethnic minority simply because they couldn't speak English. They questioned the rationale of, say, producing an infomation pamphlet about the national medical services in some twenty language versions in the name of equality. Their stance was like, without going into the minutiae here, when in Rome one should speak in a lanugage the Roman speak.
Maybe Hong Kong is at the other extreme. Nothwithstanding the fact that Chinese and English are the two official languages here, it is indisputable that …

This Way That Way

(Leica X1)
Lots of directions? Choose one's own way.


(Leica X1)

Wanna be a highflyer of some sort? Some fly high and some fly low, but on whatever altitude the situation is metaphorically similar: we are hanging together in a boxed life with a scarcely numbered price tag and, most importantly, stripped at the end of the day.
Now, wanna be a highflyer of some sort or live a sweet life as if savouring a very delectable dessert like the mellow mango with melty and sweet sticky rice?
Before fixating on our pursuit of success in the coming five days, let's put on the metaphorical glasses to see from another perspective which may make more sense.

Inquisitive Eyes

(Leica D-Lux 5)This is Sunday. Spend it inquiring into a book or the hobby that tickles your fancy most.