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New Ray of Sunlight

(Ricoh GR)

As surely as you are reading this, cameras come and go. Fact is, when you have adequately come a long way in this run of your life and are going nearer to the finish line, there will be increasingly less things capable of turning heads from your perspective. A new camera is set to have a better sensor and extra superfluous functions with a heftier price tag. A new car will give the driver more forceful torque and stronger horsepower at a higher cost. All things new are adorable until they become not new. C'est la vie, folks! You have been there, seen that, done that. Very boring!

If you are into that mentality, you are worthy to be called an oldie. You should be cursed and rot on your sofa!

So, the new Ricoh GR, the GRIII, has been announced and made quite a bit of a stir in the street photography community. While it is a mistake that it still doesn't come with a 21mm lens to be worthy of its GR namesake - I don't mind if that makes it physically bigger, the be…