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Using Foreground

(Ricoh GRD4)We all know something about covering or curtailing or blurring the background to give more juice to or accentuate the focus of the theme in an image. But we could do more or less the same to the foreground, which, apart from bestowing the image with extra information to make the story richer and more “chewy”, can as well be used to frame the primary subject. The tip is to be choosey on what elements to use for the foreground. It will work best if the elements are related to the primary image in a way that they echo with the latter in substance. Today’s shot can hopefully be taken as an example. The foreground give the viewers sufficient and, to me, interesting information to make sense of what the chef was chopping even though what is on the chopping board (or log actually?) is hidden behind the metal utensil. I think the cooked whole chicken hanging in the foreground make a unique frame which works to move the viewers’ eyes to explore the image longer from corner to corne…

Random Street Shots At Night

(Ricoh GRD4)