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Slowest Panning Shot

(Leica D-Lux 5)This is the slowest panning shot I have even done.

A Strange New Take on Regina

(Ricoh GRD4)It used to be red in colour….Never had it screamed for a change in colour but the handover of sovereignty did. Interestingly, as the national flag flying in Hong Kong changed from a bit red to predominately red, removed were the red paint on the colonial mail boxes, which since then don a light green colour.  That is if they have not been uprooted and replaced.Oh, a green Union Jack looks nice too. It doesn't intimidate anyone for a change sometimes somehow.One morning, I decided to walk around the old Kowloon City district which was the city's gateway to noisily welcome foreign visitors and silently say its valedictions to Hongkongers migrating overseas. Imposing scenes are still flashing across my mind of how the gigantic metal birds flying barely over buildings of five storeys to land at the old Kai Tak  International Airport just some 400 metres away. It was one of the most exciting attractions the city offered people flying in to feel the heat of the oriental…

Sir, I Have No Money

(Leica D-Lux5)

All human cultures have seasonal and transitional celebratory rites of some sorts. We celebrate the ushering in of Spring, the coming of age and the going of sickness, to name a few examples. When there is something jolly well happening, we will all be celebrating. Likewise, when there is something as useful as pumping a dry well, all societies will find it off-putting. But for one way or another, the brutal reality behoves us to put up with it no matter how off-putting it is. And for that matter, all human cultures have sarcastic and tranquilising phrases of some sorts to help tide over the coming of bad luck and the going of good fortune.

On this note, the colloquial Cantonese term for a traffic penalty ticket is "ngau yuk gone", literally beef jerky. A strong favour to mitigate the bad experience maybe? What is the colloquial term in your culture for a penalty ticket?

Nostalgic Mood

(Ricoh GRD4)

It could be a matter of personal preference but the Ricoh cameras produce images with a characteristic mood, which I find pleasing to the eye and nostalgic. During our walkabout, Iesha wondered why Ricoh is more known for office equipment than cameras outside of Japan. My simple guess was for reason of advertising, or, more aptly, the lack of it. It is a shame coz the GXs, GRDs and GXRs excel in many ways compared to cameras of their own class.


(Sony A55)She walked quickly but I was even quicker in snapping her with the 50mm lens. Intrusive, I'd say. I like the sense of a fleeting moment presented in the image. Which befits what I'm feeling during the busy days lately.Busy but will not stop shooting.

Monday Blue

(Leica X1)Self-explanatory. All are hung and ready to be grilled, literally. This is Monday. Good luck everyone.

Model Wannabes

(Sony A55)This is Sunday. Have an enjoyable day!