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Get Moving

Enough blogging.  Load a roll of film and have fun!

Be Happy

(Ricoh GX200; taken in Beijing)If a car can be that happy, so can you.  This is the last day of the working week.  Hurray!

Rainbow Bubbles

(Ricoh GX200)

Turn on the manual focus and set the focal distance to in the number of millimetres. Find some crystal decorations like the crystal droplets of a lamp which corners are cut to reflect lights in a multitude of directions. Point the camera from such an angel and distance that the reflections become colourful in the LCD display. Fully press the shutter release and there goes your shot of rainbow bubbles.

Suggestions of Movement

(Ricoh GX200)

One of the suggestions lies in the blurred images in the background, which, however, will be short of the effect if without being accentuated by the stationery human object and the three pillars.  Another suggestion is the array of trollies showing illusional traces of movements, which at the same time echos the blurred images on the far side.
This shot remids the author that the best a small camera like the unassuming GX200 can teach a photographer is to be more obeservant of photography opportunities.  Its high portability simply encourages one to look around and shoot without the annoyance of inquisitive eye.  For this shot, it would be much of a fuss to do with a bigger and beefier camera. One may not bother to do it then in the first place.  

Worldwide Social Phenomenon

(Sony A55)

The only additional word to say is: iPad.

To capture the decisive moment capturing the young chaps' joyuous and religious plunge into the gadget, the photographer has to bear two things in mind: be stealth (simply refraining from joining 'em will do) in waiting for the moment to present itself; and most importantly, see from the angle of the iPad.

Bravest Camera Dust-Proof System

(Kudos to reader Kayi for the shots. Above: GR lens seemingly suffering from cataract, surely the first in the world!)

There is certainly no lacking of alternative ways to do the title: World's First Lens Cataract Case; What the Hack (or Duck, depending on your taste) is This; Are You Out of Your Mind; Topsy-Turvy; How to Waste Your Money without Knowing It; To Kill to Protect; A Condom Fixed Ever After; Camera Terrorist; Hahaha, Have Fun Blocking the Lights; Annihilate Your Lens; Have the Apple and Dump It; O.M.G(RD); Don't You Have Better Things to Do; Ouch….
When the author first spotted the camera so brutally treated by its owner, a great measure of unexplainable indignation came surging up to the part of the brain which commands language. The author is an educated fellow, but in the case of others that part of the brain may also command foul languages. While the most valuable and vulnerable component of a camera is the lens, especially in the case of the GRD models which se…

Bird's Nest Made with Human Flesh

(Sony A55)

Who will ever guess that in the steel structure of the Bird's Nest is a sleeping man? Unbelievable structure, isn't it?
This is Sunday. Spare time to observe the world around.