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Ricoh GR: See It with My Own Eyes

(Ricoh GR: Exhausted. I could have risked an arrest of suspected stalking for taking this shot! No post processing)I have heard about how the Ricoh GR with its prime lens and a low-pass filter free sensor can produce sharp images. The sharpness is superb. The final images give a good amount of depth, or 3-dimension-ish, if you prefer.Some people have different opinion about the muted colour tone of the GR images, but they are exactly the character of GR. My cup of tea indeed. Surely there are options to make the colour more vibrant and vivid.(Sisters and balloons)(Alone in the back alley)While the image quality and the haptics of the camera are great, the quality control is anything but. Mine has a problem with the volume control – when playing back movies with the camera, pressing the volume to the maximum will mute the sound?!I may return it for a new one. What a shame!(Helmet)(Stalking)