Thursday, 20 February 2014

Half an Adult, Grow Up!

(Ricoh GRD4; On today's shot: I have repeatedly worked out on my mind how to compose a shot of smokers snatching a moment for a cigarette break in one of these gloomy alleys. I quite like this shot and can call it a result of such a constant mental exercise)

Yesterday a JPMorgan employee plunged to his death from the roof floor of the HQs building in Central right after the lunch hour.  Shocked, I asked, What gives? Reflecting on the recent sudden natural death of my young friend, survived by her beloved man and children, I can least resist the thought of calling the suicide utterly silly. While jumping from height is an immediate suicide, smoking will be proven no less suicidal to many smokers as time wears on. They are no kid.  Will they ever grow up? Will the truth ever ring to them?
Recently engaged in some children issues, I have come to realise that an adult's resilience in time of adversity, or his life skills for that matter, is cultivated in their salad days. Simply put, if you have kids facing difficulties of some sort, let them be. Your responsibility is not to save them from the quagmire but sink with them while giving them heads-up on how to float. If they fail, they fail.  Give them some cheering, a pat on the shoulder and then brush it off with the cliche if you like, C'est la vie! That's how life has been and will be going on.
There is no need turning to a suicidal act by jumping from height or inhaling cancerogenic chemicals.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kicking and Alive

0012883_2014_February(Ricoh GRD4)

The recent silence is not because I have been slacking off.  It is just that, apart from the busyness of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the unfortunate sudden death of a friend of mine has taken away my appetite for doing any photo. Well, I am kicking and alive despite of my silence.