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My Way

(Leica D-lux 5)A friend of mine said to me over last night's dinner that he felt sort of depressed for not having a promotion in 10 years. Well, I replied, life is too big to just care about career and promotion. Focus on something and somewhere else. There must be something that, I continued with a pat on his forearm, one is good at, fond of and proud of. The most successful life is very often in one's leisure life, not the career life. Get a hobby and do it with all your heart. Or even serve others with all your heart.Applying the same logic to photography as a hobby, practise it everyday and be sure of your ability to be better than a professional photographer. Present your styles and perspectives in your photos. Try and fail; fail and try; do it again and again. I am not a "great" photographer but without boosting myself to whoever is reading this, the fact that I have won four cameras in the last three years in some photography competitions may give some creden…

Sneak Shot

(Leica D-lux 5)What is he shooting?  Curious.


(Leica D-lux 5)

Since the GXG blog started off in 2008, things have been changing fast in the camera market. GXG is meant to, for one thing, share news and views on the serious compact cameras, which in 2008 referred to cameras fitted with 1/1.7" sensor like the GX, GRD, LX, G, P and then the EX and the resurrected S series.  
With the advent of the MFT cameras, the camera makers rolled in on the act and the spheres of influence in the camera market  gradually shifted.  The markets has morphed into a greater number of sub-markets: P&Ss, which is dying in the face of the increasingly sophisticated camera functions of smart phones; back-up serious cameras for enthusiasts; the mirror-less; besides the DSLRs and higher-end cameras. 
In the original playing field of serious compacts, Ricoh's once niche market gave further ground to the other players but has hopefully managed to partly regain with the GXR system, notably the M-mount modules. Samsung paced at great speed alon…

Artificial Rain

(Leica D-Lux 5)Not that the author has forsaken the Ricoh GX200 lately but that my hands are full with two Leicas.  With a Leica D-Lux 5 received not long ago, the plan is to write a review of it. This little camera is a nice street photography tool but the still outdone by the 4-year old GX200 ergonomics-wise.

Stepping On What is Good Luck?

(Leica X1)Someone will say poo, dog doo or cow's pie and so on. Can we add rainbow to the list?Again, it must be said that the exposure metering of the X1 is always spot-on. Manual mode was used for this shot.

Satisfied, Not Satisfied?

(Leica X1)No matter what, this is the day to start working.

Look Out!

(Leica X1)This is Sunday.  Have a fun day!