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Showing posts from June 16, 2013

Heart Broken

(Leica D-Lux 5)The two bigger Chinese characters on the billboard right above the girl say so (or alternatively, heart gripping), from left to right pronounced as "sum suen".

Heat of the Street

(Sony A55; hand-held twilight mode up to ISO 1600)

Hong Kong is baked in the stiff hotness while expecting the arrival of the first tropical cyclone to enter its precautionary radar zone this Saturday. The heat is caused by the strengthening of the typhoon, literally "big wind", which slows down the air movement in the surrounding atmosphere. But people like me were braving the heat of the street to check out what was going on in this city that never sleeps.
I also took the opportunity to check out the availability and price of the GRD IV.  There are not many left for sale but the price goes as low as HK$2480 for a black body and HK$3180 for a white one which comes with the cover (the cover makes for good protection for the lens as it stops accidental power-up which in some real cases has caused the black IV's driving motor to malfunction eventually).

When Getting Bored with the Camera

(Leica D-Lux 5)

Many a time we amateur photographers would subconsciously try to dupe ourselves into believing that our arsenal of cameras and photographic paraphernalia can no longer meet our shooting needs.  Fact is, we haven't grown that much in skills to oblige pissing money up on the wall for new gear. There is a tip to kill that very idea: when you feel having outgrown your camera, switch it to a new style mode or a mode that you seldom use. Stay on that mood and start shooting until you get bored enough to try another mood.

I have kept the D-Lux 5 on the high contrast black and white mood for a week for fun. I just picked some of the shots for today's images.

Take a Shot of Air to Win a Prize

(Leica D-Lux 5)So you are contemplating a camera for free? Now a chance to get a sum of prize money enough for a Sony RX1. Here are the details: