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The Colours of Life

Click open the pictures and enjoy the secret colours of  jellyfish.  Have a nice weekend!PreludeThe Rainbow DanceSubitopianoEnding Fireworks

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Mom is in the kitchen,
And when I take a look,
I'm glad I'm not a turkey
That's she's about to cook!
By Karl Fuchs
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


(You Are What You Eat: Some weight watchers consider the food of Chachangtang not healthy for being too greasy with high caloric contents. Well, everyone needs to build up their health with junk food somehow sometimes. These two men are having a chat over breakfast alfresco style at a chachangtan.)
Yesterday, I suggested two must-do things for your next tour to Hong Kong. I have just thought of another one: a visit to a Chachangtang.
"Chachangtang" is a local word which literally means, "Tea Meal House". The origin of these Tea Meal Houses is not known to me, but understandably it probably started after the fashion of those western haute cuisine resturants during the days when the British called the shots in Hong Kong. They were meant for the majority of the Chinese in the former colony, who in those days could not afford or resist the western meals growing in popularity. They are still meant for the locals. So just try any one of the Chachangtang to feel the…

Lonely Road

("Would people consider me feet fetish?" was the first question I asked myself when I was going to post this instalment of photos after the "Come to Rest" post. Please be assured that I am not :) )

(The day was clear and the colours were soothing, but the passers-by were too hurried to notice. Upper: A working mother took her child to school before she went to work.  Lower: Two passers-by heading for opposite directions to to their workplace.)I have said that I walk to work. Sometimes on the way, browsing people at a bustling road, I would think to myself, "How lonely is the road without the love of the crowd who the road carries on itself!"

Hong Kong people walk in a quickened pace with a solemn expression on their faces. We are the busiest type of species, the far-flung clansmen of the New Yorkers. A famous Chinese writer, Guang Zhong YU, once wrote about New York, "This is New York, the busiest barren land with a mixture of unfamiliar faces. Wit…

Nightshots Comparison (Round Two): G1 vs DP1 vs GX200 vs G10 vs LX3

I love GX200 because it feels great to take pictures with a light-weight camera of a DSLR feel. It would be even better if it gives DSLR-comparable results. Is this still a wishful thinking with the coming of G1?For its smaller size (though not by much), G1 compares flavourably to mainstream DSLRs, which many expect to be moving towards smaller sizes. With a bigger sensor that boasts better image features, it also compares flavourably to serious compacts with a 1/1.8" sensor. Proper DSLRs aside, G1 is supposed to produce much better images. Does it deliver?Sensor size [to proportion but actual sizes are smaller]:
Outer (blue) - Full Frame sensor 35 x 24mm
3rd inner (green) - DP1 Foveon 20.7 x 13.8mm
2nd inner (yellow) - G1 4/3 System 17.3 x 13mm
Most inner (red) - GX200, G10. LX3 1/1.8" 7.18 x 5.23mmSurely, from the many users' samples, we can safely conclude that the images are great. However, is the better quality commensurate with its be…

Naked Child, Green Leaves

The light that plays, like a naked child, among the green leaves happily knows not that man can lie.                  -- RobĂ­ndronath Thakur, Indian Poet and PhilosopherIt is a bliss being able to walk in autumn, hear autumn colours singing and cool breezes ruffling leaves.  Feel the silence in your spirit and the echos in your heart.  That makes the troubles or the hard times facing us less rough for a moment.  This is actually not a good time as people are losing their jobs in the wake of the financial downturn.  If you are going through financial hardship or expecting to be so, don't despair.  I had ridden out one not long ago.  It is going to be hard, but then it is going to be through one day.If that will make you feel easier, consider what a blessing it is to us just being able to walk, be it on our feet, on crutches or on a wheelchair.  Go hear the colours sing and the rustling of the leaves.  Look up at the sky, see, blue is actually beautiful.  When the autumn goes, winte…