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Showing posts from March 27, 2011


(Camera: Samsung WB600)

This is nearly Sunday, strip your workday skin and have fun!

Take Flight

(Camera: Sony A55)Friday.  Yeah!

M is For

(Camera: Sony A55)Metro, mechanics, money, more work or maybe?

If You Look Carefully

(Camera: Sony A55)... even the patterns of the water reflections are fascinating.

I Don't Care

(Camera: Sony A55)Who don't care about what and why?

Pigeon Hole

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)The working man and woman are each like a barely visited pigeon hole, storing stuff from home and the office which are almost never retrieved.  They just take things in.  These pigeon holes may look shinny and tidy on the outside but when you open them up, their inside is way full of entangled vexations.  Will this be the reason that they prefer locking themselves up and looking spick-and-span, at least on the outside?How about your pigeon hole? Got the key to it?

I Will Bloody Die

(Camera: Panasonic GF2)... for this rest day.This is Sunday.  Have a restful day.