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Big and Small

(Leica X1)This is the first image the author developed from the X1's DNG file. The RAW file gives gobsmacking details and clarity in the image. It is visually much, much better than the jpeg file.  No scientific comparison was done side by side between the GXR A 12 28mm module and the X1 for the image quality in their RAW files, but it would be more likely to hear oohs and ahhs when one sees those from the latter.Google-translate this in case you wish for some lab test results.

Black and White

(Leica X1)After using the X1 for a week, I can conclude that the X1 is not as some users commented to not be able to do the job due to sluggish focusing.  The AF speed is not world-class for sure.  But it is not horrible either.  I gather that for any experienced and discerning photographers, it is an unique digital photographic gear reminiscent of a film camera.  The effective implementation of the MF simply invites one to use it.  Together with the dials for exposure combo tweaking, the MF is an integral part of the film-camera déjà vu experience.  It is unusual that one has to mind the safe shutter speed – probably an obsolete term now -- when using a digital camera.  The X1 is such a camera.  That is very well as this adds to the thinking process before pressing the shutter release as in the case of a film camera.The supreme image quality is a matter of course.In a nutshell, it is a camera for experienced photographers, especially for those who come from the film era.

A Riot of Colours

(Leica X1)

This shot was done in Vivid colour which is suspiciously characteristic of the colour seen in shots taken by Panasonic cameras in a similar mode.
Talking about characters of images, recently I came across a lady who is looking for a DSLR.  An element most camera buyers overlook is the characters of the images a camera produces.  How the red, blue, yellow and so on are reproduced in the final images differs between cameras.  An experienced eye can tell the difference.  Certainly one can post process images to mimic a desired image character. Micmic, yes; but the taste is not the same. Not to mention the convenience of using images straight out of a camera.
The Leica X1 exposes accurately just as it did to the image of today.  The final image ends up in a bright mood and vivid feel to tell of the lively atmosphere of a market.

Hands Up, Hands Down

(Leica X1; 100% crop)

Before the Leica X1 arrived, the author had searched on the Internet for users' comments about the camera. Most complained about its sluggish AF (just not world-class, that’s all).  Some gave it up because it is catered only for scenery but not for "moving objects".  Hands-up! Surrender out of ignorance.
Today's shot was done on MF mode and with pre-focusing.  Honestly, the subject had been dogged a bit for the right shot.  The MF had therefore been set and re-set.  If the AF does not do the job, there is the MF option!
On the other hand, the superb IQ of the X1 simply wins hands down.  The IQ performance is comparable to those taken by the GXR A-mount with the Nokton.  But since the A-mount does away with the AA filter, the images produced are certainly more crispy. The shot today is in jpeg. A RAW file would have given more juice.

Bald and Bold

(Leica X1)Sometimes, when a street photographer puts down the camera only to find that the subject photographed is gazing back fiercely, it is rather ominous.  But soon afterwards, the risk just seems to make the photographer bolder for more such shots.

OT: Oh Shit!

(from Facebook)

She just let the child defecate on the street in broad daylight! 
The same has been spotted in the Disneyland Hong Kong, the Ocean Park and on busy streets like here. The mainlanders are grossly hated and looked down upon not for no reason.  The nouveaux riches among them are kitsch -- cases of them shouting to salespersons have been in news reports -- and some like the persons you see here seem far from civilised.  I haven't mentioned the beggars of all sorts sent to beg on the street in Hong Kong....
Nevin, sorry for doing this post.  But this is just so very unbearable!
(Nevin's Note: I just put up a less discriminatory title for this post)

On the Dark Side

(Leica X1)Tried shooting out with the X1 for the last two days.  Leica has something to it. The operation of the X1 requires the shooter to constantly think about the technical side. It's digital but feels as if doing film shooting. It doesn't really have shake proof. One has to mind the safe shutter speed. On the MF mode, one makes use of the wheel at the back of the camera which is rightly located at the thumb position.  Rolling the wheel brings up the metering bar with indication of distance in focus at the bottom of the LCD, as well as an enlarged inset of the point being focused.  Interestingly, even though the LCD is at low resolution, my impression is that the enlarged image looks clearer compared to the case of GXR A-mount.  The MF implementation is very usable.

Street…Sign Photographer

(Leica X1)This is Sunday, try something new, or silly. As for the author, I am trying out the new camera.Have an amusing rest day!