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Retro Olympus Digital M4/3

(Olympus Pen F series film camera to possibly form the basis for the new Oly M4/3)On Friday, we briefly talked about the prospect of Ricoh introducing the next digital camera basing on the design of its legacy film camera.  Could this trend has been set already?  The popluar Chinese forum Xitek has posts leaking out the next Oly M4/3 to invoke the retro design of its film Pen F camera.  The googlish translation is as follows:[2009.6.15】 OLYMPUS official M43 machine will be released, on sale in early July

[2009-05-22 10:33 add the following]
Open this with hope that the M43 to share Olympus information, see 6.15 high hopes for olympus M43 was able to give a pleasant surprise?

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(The possible front view of the new 4/3)Olympus Pen E-P1 Olympus Pen E-P1
May 31, 2009 Micro Four Thirds, Olympus Rumors
Possible specs
- 12 Megapixel
- 100-3200 ISO
- BodyIS
- 3.0 LCD (no swivel) with new improved liveview (…

Homeless in Hong Kong

This homeless man, or Lo Suk Tse in Cantonese (literally, street sleepers), lives in the open space underneath an elevated highway, which is flanked by roads on the street level.  He has been seen taking Chinese rice spirit in the morning.  A strong foul smell wafted in the air around the platform of an manhole opening where he is sleeping, likely the smell of urine.Like many modern cities, the sight of street sleepers has never been few and far between in Hong Kong.  When Hong Kong was hardest hit by the Asian financial crisis from 1997 through to 2002, the Cultural Centre as the landmark in Tsim Sha Tsui became a haven of these homeless people at night.  A photographic project was done on the subject, which gave birth to the album of photos of street sleepers.  Its cover shows these poor people clustering on the mezzanine floor of the Cultural Centre at night.  Check this out if you wish to purchase the book, Homeless II.Some statistics about the street sleepers in Hong Kong:Accordi…

The Ricoh Nova

I was, and still am, a fan of the now defunct Minolta for their cameras and photographic accessories. Minolta had came up with some of the best ideas and quality with its photography department. Sadly, it has scaled back its business footprint to photocoping technology. The younger generation will know scantly about Minolta's camera, just as they are rather ignorant about Ricoh, which they put a equation to office automation. In fact, Ricoh has every DNA as Minolta in making cameras. Suffice to say it that Ricoh produced the first plastic camera in 1934, and the first twin-lens reflex camera (RicohFlex III) which is still very much alive today.From Riken to Ricoh

"Riken" is an abbreviation for the Japanese name for "Institute for Physical and Chemical Research". It exists since 1917 as a private institute to promote Japanese private institute to promote Japanese industry. Many Japanese firms have been established around this source of inventions.The offi…

Morse Code

For the whole day today, I have seen things differently.After some time, I walked past a restaurant.  There on the display window a sticker said, TWO ZERO anniversary.  It struck me that people have really very different stories.  While at the time some were busy pushing forward something more eternal, some other people were engrossed in making relatively earthly pursuits.  History, unlike the weather, is not transitory.  A flash ligths up the darkness and dies down in a split of a second, while with persistence the better side of humanity will eventually triumph.  In remembrance I remain of them.

The Best Strategy on Laughters?

(Clown in Laughter: This picutre of the clown was taken at the Chime Long Hotel at Punyu, China. I should write some posts about the hotel cos it is unique place for a visit in this part of the world) A reader left a message wondering if the theme of the 9th Ricoh Photo Contest was Laugther as said on the English site or Smile as on the Japanese site. In doubt, I searched for the contest site but in vain. I sent the question to the Ricoh's inquiry email account which was unreachable as Ricoh's returned message suggested. Let's me see how I can get an answer.Either Smile or Laughter, the theme is, so to speak, more than meets the eye. To take picutres on this theme is one thing, but to win in the contest is a very different matter. A casual representation of the smiling faces in an image will not suffice. As far as I am concerned, the usual winning images in any contests are the one which are crisp and direct in composition with a focused but rich message. So, before d…

Ricoh Camera Giveaways and the New GRD Bet

The recent months have seen Ricoh’s heavy-handed promotional efforts.  Apart from the photo contest in collaboration with Greenpeace concluded some weeks ago in Hong Kong, there are three more chances for aspiring photographers to get free Ricoh cameras.  There are lots of Ricoh's cameras to be given away.(A poster about the photo contest co-organised by Ricoh, Greenpeace and Jurlique for Hong Kong only, which was concluded in May.  Winners are to be awarded with airtickets plus hotel accommodation, several fully-geared GX200 and CX1 cameras)Ninth Ricoh Photo ContestThe first one is open to contestants from around the world, namely, the Ninth Ricoh Photo Contest to close on 21 August 2009.  The theme of the contest is easy on the surface, but actually requires some effort to ponder on and express in the final image.The prizes are:Main Award: GR DIGITAL II + optional lenses and accessories (one person)
Special Award: GR DIGITAL II (5 persons)
Photo Style Award: CX1 (1 perso…

Sigma DP2 Nightshots plus Essential Samples

Samples are at the end of the post.I have read what Sigma says of its DP2.Photographers have dreamed of a compact digital camera with an SLR-sized image sensor. A camera small and light enough to carry around everywhere, yet offering the technology for serious photography. Those dreams have come true with Sigma’s DP series.Lens-wide, the DP1's wide-angle lens is good with perspective,—geared towards dynamic shots of scenery, buildings, celebrations. The standard lens built into the DP2, on the other hand, has a narrower field angle, giving a stronger effect, making the subject stand out. In other words, we've given it the ability to create the photo that you, and only you, can see in your mind's eye. Naturally, this is great for portraits. And for capturing the elusive beauty of ordinary, everyday subjects, this standard lens is ideal.Its focal length is longer than the DP1's lens. So, at low F-numbers (larger apertures), you can create amazing pictures by deliberately…

Short Distance Call

"Hey, son, I've lost sight of you," the old dad speaks into his cellphone."Dad, you don't really have to call me," the son replies."Where on earth are you really?" the unconvinced old man pursued further."We are closer than the distance the microwave travels from your cellphone to mine," the yound man continues, "Man, I'm right behind you." The moral: Don't rely too much on technology.  Rely more on our own abilities.This is Sunday.  Have a good day!