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(Ricoh GRD 4)

"Sou" is a richly loaded word literally meaning, among others, "stop" while "gong" is "work/ effort".  Sougong is using said in an exclamation sort of way when one is knocking off from work, especially if the following day is a holiday or a long holiday which I am going to enjoy.
Sougong for today!

Treasure Hunt

(Ricoh GRD 4)

If a man is ever going to discover that he remains compassionate deep down, not otherwise, it will probably be at the sight of the miserable life of others.  Then it is that compassion which  surpasses his affairs with unnamed urgency and spreads over him through all the senses.  However, contrary to this, many of us in this city have an unfeeling heart growing big enough to outreach this merciful disposition in every direction, which is not the least cultivated by the presence of the locally faked street fund-raising activities and the increasingly common sight of "professional" beggers visiting from Mainland China on holiday.


(Ricoh GRD 4)But sadly it’s time to wake up for work!