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Showing posts from May 19, 2013

Random Composition

(Sony A55)Enjoy your weekend!

Non-limiting Grids

(Leica D-Lux 5)A basic element in visual arts, grids are generally used to divide a plane for holding components in each of them, thereby constructing the art works pleasing to the creator.  Grids can be limiting or non-limiting to the components.  An example of the latter is today’s shot.  Google "visual arts" for pictures and you will see examples of this basic elements galore.

Round and Round

(Ricoh GX200)This song immediately springs to mind, enjoy:


(Ricoh GX200)The saving grace of an old camera, unless one has a new and rain-proof one, is the worry-free convenience of using it even in bad weather.

Care for Those in Need

(Ricoh GX200)To start a week, help someone in need.