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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

Photo-Worthy Or Not

Sometimes a scene looks photo-worthy in one minute, but the idea doesn't seem to be convincing at second blush. On the other hand, a scene may appear to be bland for a photo, but the final image turns out to be mesmerising for its mood. That a trained eye is crucial for telling the difference is a fact. I'd say, for all that the elements of an interesting scene are naturally geared towards enticing a photographer to pressing the shutter release, that person actually needs to consider any scene not as is but in terms of all the possible technicalities to be afforded to the final image through negotiation by the camera and post-processing. To take today's shot for example. The covered corridor was lit more brightly than it appears to be here. The light quality leans more towards fluorescent than tungsten. But reproducing the scene as was would have made it a dull sight. The shot was done in the cross-processing mode, underexposed and, to add a mysterious flavor to it, slight…