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Showing posts from July 7, 2013

Take a Compliant Look

(Ricoh GRD 4)

And look, the man in the background coming towards me gives depth to the scene.

Charge Forward

(Ricoh GRD 4)

This is us.

A Deep Suck

(Ricoh GRD 4)

... and sooner kick the buck-et.

Give the Stress a Drink

(Ricoh GRD 4)

A very distressful look he had.  Can't take my eyes off his facial expression and can't help wondering what was bothering him. This is the vendor I always meet selling flowers around the corner of the street during lunch hour.  As I walked past, he was picking this second can of beer while throwing away the one he had just consumed.

Dull Jack

(Ricoh GRD 4)

Troops of the world, arise, today's all work and no play!