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A Loner

(Ricoh GX200)He enjoys himself even being in a rather sad state. That's the food for thought on this rest day.

Leave Work Behind

(Ricoh GX200)The mood on Friday's evening is exactly that.

Property Hegemony

(Ricoh GX200)

Property Hegemony is a hot issue in the city.  It refers to the near or actual cartel comprising the local tycoons in the property market.  A worthy read on the topic is a book titled Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong by Alice Poon, a former assistant to a local property tycoon, who wrote it after she migrated to Canada. The book won the Canadian Book Review Annual a few years ago. 
Property hegemony is not an illusionary thing.  Alice has given her readers lots of data to justify the debate.  For example, in 2010, the six richest local clans who are all property developers controlled 14.7% of the Hong Kong stock market value.  This gives a glimpse into the result of the fact that while from 1991 to 1994, 70% of Hong Kong’s private property were built by seven property developers, 55% out of this amount was developed by four of the seven developers.  Today, most major property sites are owned by the biggest three to four among them.
The adverse impacts are very stron…

Look Here

(Ricoh GX200)

Wondering how the author took this shot with the subject looking right into the lens? Here are the tips:

People are curious.  We are all born that way.  Have you ever found yourself checking out other people's camera on the street? Probably you have. Now get your camera ready.  Pre-focus at 1 metre or fix the focus manually so that it won't drift by accident. Pre-set the exposure by whatever means -- PSAM mode or, like the GX200, through the one-press exposure correction.  If you cannot pre-set the "right" exposure, try to make it one EV above what you guess will be needed.  As long as the image is not underexposed and enough data is in it, you can make corrections afterwards.
It is best to fix the shutter speed at least at 1/400s beacuse you will need to shot while moving on your legs. The best is at 1/600s.  The aperture must allow an adequate DOF.
Now, walk up to the subject and sway the arm for the side of which you are holding the camera in your palm…

Occupy Central

(Ricoh GX200)Some Hong Kong people responded to the Occupy Wall Street and took to the CBD of Hong Kong last weekend. Since then there is a bunch of people occupying the place beneath the HSBC HQ building in Central. There are tents, sofas, tables filled with food and drinks, haircut service and whatnots. As the "occupation" consists of just tens of persons, the Police is probably planning a clean-up.

Connect Me to Batman

(Ricoh GX200)

For some unknown reason, this was the first thing sprung to the author's mind when the scene presented itself before the eyes.


(Ricoh GX200)This is Sunday. Have a good rest day!