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(Ricoh GR)One of the most common online images is of people walking in the street, which are so ubiquitous to the point of being monotonous. There is one dumb-proven technique in making one such shot that may stand out. It is shooting a scene where people are going in different directions. This always works.Enjoy!

Camera, Daily Must-have Item

(Ricoh GR)I have been slacking off a bit posting here but not for shooting. Bringing along my camera remains a daily must. This has become so built-in that I will feel very insecure without it when being away from home lest a previous photography opportunity will present itself around the next corner.My GR mounted with the converter gives me even greater stealth in making candid shots in the street coz the converter screens the protruded lens when turned on.The customisable slots are set with a variety of stylistic modes. I named them like Underground, Street, Light Painting, etc. What a fun camera!