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(Ricoh GR)I was interested by the shadows, shapes and patterns on the floor and, looking up the sky a few steps away, found the skyline echoing the scene. What a lucky day! Enjoy!

With a Smile

(Ricoh GR)The most common act of the world: taking selfies.


(Ricoh GR)DXO is offering a free full older version of its photo-processing software DXO Optics Pro for download before the end of this month. Take action now if you care,

Some causal thoughts after using the GR for a month

The battle of serious compacts have all along the years been developing. Since the start of this blog in mid-2008, it has evolved to a stage that virtually redefines the market. Those once considered serious compacts for enthusiasts – 1/1.7” sensor in a small body with relatively better optics – are “downgraded” to the lower segment, with enthusiasts chasing after a small body with at least 1” sensor. The niche market previously reigned by the GR is now an open battlefield, which is obviously eaten up by the arrival of Sony’s veraciously marketed A6000.  After all, the A6000 is cheap, fast and accepts interchangeable lenses. Why not?But a classic is not known as a classic for nothing. To users who have known a classic, every new arrival of the family brings with it a homey feeling. It was this feeling and the greatly reduced price that made me reconsider the choice of yet another camera to ply my regular appetite for one. I was considering an A7 something but the price tag had to be j…