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Offshoots and Things Primal

(Leica X1)
While this blog has not been updated as frequently, even worse, most posts are off-topic now. Life is full of surprising offshoots and sometimes eventful fluctuations, and I can't help touching on various things other than photography, just as I find fascinations in all manners of a thing by looking through a viewfinder which normal people may normally pass by without a cue.
Die-hard photographers could be quite abnormal at times.
I know, it may seem that photography is no longer the prima ballerina on stage, so to speak. Well, not really. I don't toy with as many cameras for tests as back in 2008, but in the last few years I have tried the Leica SL, M10 and the CL, among which the last one is all-in-all a design disaster (But no review posts - too busy to do that now). I haven't taken photos as often, yes. But I could just as well say that I am more refined in deciding when to press the shutter release or just being wise to cut spending on memory cards of a hi…