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Showing posts from January 20, 2013

Market Snap

(Leica X1)Any person with a discerning eye would have found that the lady is carrying a baby on her back. She is using a traditional Chinese type of baby carrier which, believe it or not, is the gem of folk wisdom. The reason is that, surprisingly, apart from giving the baby a sense of safety, this type of baby carrier does much good for the development of the baby's hip joints by forcing the spreading of legs!

Set For Lunch

(Leica X1)I have been learning charcoal drawing for a month which seems to better equip me to see the shades, quality and transitions of black and white, as well as the technique to discern them. For example, if you squint your eyes, the rim of the person will show a thin surrounding line of light or whiteness. How can such discoveries be transformed into my photography is yet to be seen. But one thing which is sure is that there are now lots more for me to chew between black and white.

Look the Other Way

(Leica X1)

The past busy week and weekend obliged me to look not for photographic chances, which reminded me of this shot I took at the end of 2012. Enjoy!