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Deep in Thought

(Leica D-Lux 5)How do I know? I of course don't.  It is the composition with the vast empty space segregated by the striped façade leading the eyes away from the subject, with the stripes of shadows criss-crossing it to faintly draw one's attention back to the subject, that gives me such a feeling about the man.

Guarding the Gold

(Leica X1)

The Chinese New Year is on the doorstep. Every Chinese family in Hong Kong is busy preparing for the visits to and by friends and relatives to celebrate the new year. Among the tributes of all sorts (and red packets for sure), fruit is a safe and always welcomed choice. Before closing for the annual long(er) holiday, the fruit wholesale market has been at its busiest time in a year this week. If you are in Hong Kong, head to the market atYaumatei around midnight when it has the most activities going on. Take your camera with you!


(Leica X1) Which way should I go?

Tension, Passion and Skills

(Nokia E7 – 8MP phone camera; post-processed in Lr4)

Today GXG features an intriguing shot by a reader, a mother who is turning keen on photography but hasn't really made a sortie into it. She titled the image, To the Right, To the Left.
First, some background why the picture turns my head.
If you are someone else's mother or father, at some point of time, upon contemplating or looking back at all the efforts put in your children and imagining or seeing them fly or fail one day, you will certainly experience the tension in the form of a climax of feelings yet quietly suppressed deep inside. This climax and the suppression usually go secretly underneath the conscious, with or without the owner knowing it.
Look closely, there is the same climax of feelings beamed from the scene to the photographer which somehow urged her to raise the camera and press the shutter release. The posters in uniform rectangular shapes are there in the background as if asking aloud in unison what…


(Leica X1)

Workers of the world, arise!