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(Leica X1)
I have had quite a bit of bad luck lately.  The fact that bad luck happens to us sometimes somehow is one of those problems that are annoying chiefly because they are not supposed to be there at all.  It was a very early morning last week when I missed my flight to connect to an international flight.  The friendly airport security guy was compassionate enough to help send my oversize luggage case through the x-ray machine, which made quite a scene, and cheered me on as I ran to the gate.  But I came down to the decision to return to the check-in counter when the 15-minute explanation to the ground crew at the gate yielded no result.

I left the gate seeing the other passengers off as they went up the plane which was just 100 metres from me.

After much ado about putting me on another flight with the helpdesk conversationalist from probably India over the phone, I sighed to myself in the cold morning mist waiting on the bench off the airport entrance for my Airbnb host to pick…

Into the Fold

(Sony A99 with Minolta 50mm f/1.7)

To street shooters, the Mongkok pedestrian precinct is sort of what water is to fish.  They will love it for the place epitomises the essential opportunities that could present themselves to make shooters into street photography feel just right.  This is as true as it goes for those who haven't been to maybe New York.

I haven't been to New York yet.  But Hong Kong is more than good enough.

If you wonder what the three Chinese characters in the foreground mean, it is a sexist derogatory expression against women which however is mostly used as a blessing in a joking way.  Literally, it reads, "beg you to bring me into the fold and keep me" or otherwise, "please make me your mistress".  Yes, a blessing in a cheeky sense: be a mistress, have everything paid for and be happily worry-free ever after.

Get your camera out and train your eye for any interesting scene that may emerge around the corner. I will be surprised if you co…