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Friday Night

(Ricoh GRD IV)Enjoy!

Lone Shooter meets Lone Wolf

(Ricoh GRD IV)I feel tremendously snappy with the GRD IV. There is something about the camera that makes the owner wish to explore it further. A very organic little machine that seems to have endless possibilities of combinations of self-assigned functions/ effects/ buttons even though I am very familiar with Ricoh cameras. If you're still considering, and know what, get one before they are all gone. You won't regret it.


(Ricoh GRD IV)

Time for learning some Cantonese. "Dadha" is a colloquial expression for small talking, where "ha" is an universal exclamation morpheme in Cantonese to give the sense of a fleeting moment, a quick while, a short duration or being casual. "Tang" is to listen while "Tangha" may mean to hear casually.  "Taei" is to look while "Taeiha" may suggest to take a quick look.
By the way, "Dadmugah" means "What are you 'small talking' about". Oh, I really like today's shot of these three chaps "dadha" at the red traffic light even though they "dadmugah" was unknown to me.


(Ricoh GRD IV)It was the photographer who was peeking through the GR lens.  The GRD is a perfectly discreet peeking machine, even when it is shinny white like mine. Enjoy!