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Top Pic

(Leica X1)Obviously a top pic is today's shot. LOL! The real top pic will show soon. I'm referring to the WYNG Masters Award which has been mentioned on GXG (if you're wondering, search the blog using the search bar). The decision on the sole winner for the award – a swooping sum of HK$250,000 – will be hammered out soon from the few finalists. But the organiser is not going to drop the other shoe just yet. Well, not before the coming inaugural exhibition - Poverty in the Midst of Plenty to show the works from 19 March to 6 April at Artistree, 1/F Cornwall House, Taikoo Place, Island East, Hong Kong.To tie in with the event is a series of – let me check – hmmmm, yes, FREE talks on the topics of poverty, art and photography.  Registration is required as seats are limited. Go here.

Doors of Magic

(Leica X1)

Standing In Front of the Doors Think'in                               If It Takes                              t'Gall For me                                 to Unlatch                        'em All For the                            Glow Said                                  Hey Beh                            o       ld! !!!!                                      !!!! !!!!                                      !!!! In                                     Store 's                                   Magic to Un                                fold W w w w w e  ll  A a r gu ably No                                       sy I'm                                      So But                                     Lo I                                    Know Mind's                      Wobbling With No                          Food GoGrabLunchAndNotBeDuped
("Fuuuu! Dooooo! Beep! Click Clack!" Leica X1 Chipped in)

Steal a Peek

(Leica X1)


Tunnel Vision of Art

(Sony Xperia S)

Honestly I have always been amused by the term "phone photography". Back ten years, I had a Casio camera watch(I still have it with me). If it had been popular enough, we might have had a splinter genre called wrist watch photography. As technology is taking quantum leaps, camera functionality can prevail in whatever portable device we can name. Who knows if then we will have handbag photography, eyeglass photography and so on and so forth. Where will all these photography genres fit? In this vein of thought, it strikes me that what matters may not be the device.  Surely a phone with camera functionality can stealtilhy approach subjects to so close a distance for candid shots that no presently available camera can win for that matter. But when Google glasses with camera functionality are selling well, where will the smartphones stand in the competition of up-close-and-stealthily? So, what matters in the categorisation are the characteristics of such snapshots…