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(Leica D-Lux 5)Put the dramatic workdays behind, resign to the peace and renew your steadfastness to truth and kindness amid the craze for success in the human world.

Little Girl

(Leica X1)Looking at this lovely little girl somehow gave me a peace of mind on the last day of busyness. The sunlight in the early morning at this time of the year works great for shots done at the right spot.

Being snowed down now.

Beauty and the Slaughtered Beast

(Leica X1)A refreshing lady to brighten up the day, or for those with a peculiar taste there is the butchered leg … er … forearm, whatever.

The Most Beautiful Night

Here are some of the shots taken at the candlelight vigil in Hong Kong on Monday. Footage of the bloodshed 23 years ago can be viewed in the early parts of the documentary (with English subtitles) at the bottom of this post. Taking part in this annual rally always makes an overwhelming experience. The intense pervasion of strength and tenacity in the heart of the people was keenly felt along the road leading to the venue, the Victoria Park, and throughout the 2-hour vigil. If one is to pick the most beautiful night of Hong Kong, this is it.This shot shows one of the twelve sections packed full of people taking part in the candlelight vigil to mark the 23th anniversary of the VIIV. Crowds unable to be accommodated were seated in the adjacent sizable lawn. The attendance of 180,000 people [organiser's statistics; the Police said 80,000] was a record high.These young people were probably babies back then. It was gratifying to see young people using their own thinking and carrying on …

Finding a Likeness

(Leica X1)

A UK blogger-photographer ismall was kind enough to cue me to an online article about Henri Cartier-Bresson's concepts in photography, particularly in composition. There are lots of pointers in it, reminding me of some similar materials I have read in my journey of photography. Some of the ideas are familiar to me, but a constant review of what's in stock always stands one in good stead. If you are yet to study the mastery of composition, this one can make the best starting point.
Today's shot may sort of echo a point revealed in the article: finding a likeness. I didn't really look for a scene for that purpose but just stumbled upon this scene when I was out shooting. While on the phone, I snapped the shot single-handedly. This is not to say that I felt smug but may demostrate that with practice these techniques will become less fussy and tedious than they sound on paper. Once internalised, they give the photographer a practical foothold to work out the shot…

Let the Pictures Speak

Two photos taken by an ex-PLA solider taking part in it are on exhibition in Hong Kong. It was overpowering enough to just stand up close to the oversized prints. It was the morning after that night. The images posted below are of large size. Click open to see them and let them speak.

That night 23 years ago is to be remembered tonight. Be there at the rally. Make a number and MAKE CLEAR THE STANCE OF HONG KONG


(Leica X1)This is Sunday. Maybe do some cleaning up.Have a nice day!