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Showing posts from July 11, 2010

Environmental Awareness

What a contrasting scene!  The external units of the air-conditioner tell of anything but a green lifestyle whereas taking advantage of the hot stream of air vented out from them to dry the clothes is a very green move indeed.

Saying Hello from Down Under

Nevin has asked me to publish these photos he took in Hong Kong, saying that he would be by now relaxing in the cold land of OZ.  It is some 33 degree centigrade here in Hong Kong!

Lost and Found

After another year of hard work in this hectic city, anyone can feel at a bit of loss.  So it's time to leave this place I love and find some time to relax in:GX GARNERINGS will continue to post photos regularly.  Let's hope that I can manage to post some shots done in Australia during my long stay there.

The Oldies

Old handles, and old-style Chinese New Year poster and a time-honoured mailbox on a rusty foldable gate emits a rich nostalgic feel.

Are They Breaking the Rules Too?

The riders here certainly stop at the red light.  But they interpret the traffic rules a bit too liberally.  This one stops at the yellow boxes. And this one stops between the yellow boxes and the zebra crossing.

Seriously Old

The rustic colour and the mysterious window are captivating.

You Know

The final match was played at 2:30 a.m. Hong Kong time this morning.  A night without any sleep can make anyone just sleep like that, soundly.


This is Sunday.  Go see some animals.  Enjoy yourselves!