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(Camera: Panasonic GF2)Subtraction is a proven effective way to simplify the original scene to produce a much more interesting and powerful final image. Try it.

Journeying Out of the Offices

(Camera: Samsung WB600)

Friday makes one excited and expectant about what fun there would be out of the office. Grab a camera with you and flee the office to take images of the fun moments.

All photos of the past five days were taken with the point-and-shoot WB600, which speaks volumes again for the importance of putting your reliance not on the camera but on your power and patience to observe. Camera is the least important element in photography.

Doesn't Fit

(Camera: Samsung WB600)

Did you smile at similar spots when you were a young child? The author has fond memories of comparable ads on the outside of buses or trams which took advantages of the passengers inside to make them part of the ads.

Right Here Waiting

(Camera: Samsung WB600)The special atmosphere of the scene made this a shot showing some internalised tranquillity.  The way the stationary people dotted the space, resembling the planetary order, which is echoed by the similarly fixed lamp posts, is perfectly matched by the misty background that shaded all but the more unassuming older buildings.  At the same time, the mist actually dispersed the environmental light evenly among every elements in the shot, making the colour eye-and mind-soothing.That is a real treat to any photographer.

Big Brother Is Watching

(Camera: Samsung WB600)Even when it is too misty to see anything.

In a Hurry

(Camera: Samsung WB600)Monday is a euphemistic term for hurry.  But after sparing 30 seconds to observe the moving shapes of people against the patterned background through the camera screen, the observer  has regained the much-needed perspective to see the beauty rather than the busyness.

Are you Sure?

(Camera: Panasonic GH2)She wants to cross the road by crossing over the fence?This is Sunday.  Be playfully silly.