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Centre of Gravity

(Ricoh GX200)In the visual language, there are three centres of gravity, viz., the centre position, the margins and the corners, which can be as well used in photography to induce different feelings from viewers. The primary subjects in today’s shots are placed on the margin, an off-centre gravity position that can cause a visually novel, perilous and unaccustomed feeling.  The use of different gravity positions is not unusual among visual artists; in fact taken for granted. But maybe inhibited by the old-school composition rules, few photographers have been seen using such an off-centre position for primary subjects as frequently.


(Sony A55)

Whilst the oversized Rubber Duck is calling at Hong Kong, few recall that in fact it was the 28,800 yellow ducklings which made the first such trip circumnavigating the world in 1992.  That year a cargo tumbled into the Pacific Ocean, letting the troop of made-in-China yellow ducklings break free and go adrift rather than landing in the US. The sea journey has been tracked by an oceanographer and put into a book by another.  The writer talks about the book here.