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Last Post from the New Year

(Sony A55)So long, 2011.

Four Sitting Models

(Ricoh GX200)I am quite satisfied with this philosophic scene.  As I am typing this, my gaze has kept fixed and re-fixed on the image.  My eyes stay much longer on this shot than my general shots.  It manages to capture my mind probably for the simple repetitive patterns in the image and the unique postures of the sitters.  Taken together, the image draws the viewer's attention to the four human subjects and what is going on in their heads.

Lying to Sell a Camera

"Colour not bad!" the Grandpa continues, "And the bokeh is, well, nice."The girl replies, "The camera sports a fast lens at f1.8 and an extraordinarily large sensor.  It surely takes better pictures.  No doubt."The narrator: Great image quality, XZ-1, Olympus.Lies:1) The colour of an image cannot be judged on the LCD display;2) The colour of an image can depend on what mode it is on and the character to the taste of the viewers;3) The camera is fitted with a tiny sensor, much smaller than the APS-C one.  The truth is that its sensor is not extraordinarily diminutive like that in a point-and-shoot;  4) Unless in macro mode, such a small sensor cannot afford the photographer images with bokeh even at f1.8, which is instead made to allow shooting at lower ISO values to maximize image quality in a dimly lit environment; and5) No camera can take better pictures if the photographer sucks.In a nutshell, the whole commercial is based on lies.  Probably only "…

51 Years

(Ricoh GX200)

A household name for Hakka cuisine in Hong Kong, Tsui King Lau is now on its 51st years of business springing across the burgeoning years of Hong Kong's economy and its many economic and political fructuations in the last fifty decades.  Hakka is one of the two major Han (Chinese) clans in Hong Kong, the other being Chiuchow.  The very mention of Hakka food brings to mind heavily flavoured dishes.  A must-try is "mui choi kou yuk", marinated meat with pickled vegetable (shown in the rightmost picture on the banner).  Tsui King Lau has several branches throughout the territory.  The one in today's shot is situated in a side street right opposite the entrance of Easton Hotel on Nathan Road in Jordan.

Enchanted Faces

(Sony A55)This is the last day of the Christmas holiday in Hong Kong. There are still lots of free performances in town, hence lots of photography opportunities for faces and facial expressions of the spectators.  The author has have the honour to do such shooting occasionally on public talks by some big wigs including the former government Chief Secretary Anson Chan and also on performances at, e.g., the side stage. With what may be limited experience in this respect, the tips to be offered are to be on the scene early, scout around for the best shooting spots and observe and select the targeted spectators before the show starts.  Then anticipate the coming intense or amusing moments (watching the show/ rehearsals  beforehand will certainly help) so that you can capture the right feel in the shots.  Of course, it takes a photographer's instinct and trained eye to do the job well.  A zoom lens at least to 300mm is a must.  If you have a camera with a less noisy shutter noise, you …


(Ricoh GX200)Water (in Cantonese, "sui" literally meaning "water" refers to money) has been extravagantly spent in the holiday.  What are left may be only the some amount of coins, like these water droplets? Or are they your teardrops of regret? This is the Boxing Day after all.  So maybe put the sorrow behind and open the presents for a moment of joy.

; )

(Sony A55)"Smile, Merry Christmas!"