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(Camera: Panasonic GH2)Drag the shutter speed and zoom in while pressing the shutter release all the way down.

10 For 5

(Camera: Samsung WB600)The local fruit stall owners usually write the price of fruits on a small piece of carton board. The Chinese way of writing the price per item is in reverse order compared to the English. Those of them who are keen on making the price known to the perspective English-speaking customers sometimes write in English using the Chinese order. Therefore, they may write 10 (dollars) for 5 (oranges, for example) when they actually mean 5 for $10. Do watch out.

Football Captives

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)An amusing scene!

Matching Colours

(Camera: Panasonic GF2)
Without always having the camera ready and anticipating scenes, the author would not be able to capture this image of such matching colours put together.
But the factor of luck also plays a part here for sure.

Quality of Oldness

(Camera: Panasonic GF2; Retro style)In this shot of the old neighbourhood which is rather movie like, the delivery man and the unique bike as the foreground are as crucial as the background in giving a quality of oldness to the image. This foreground-and-background perspective is a frequently used composition technique of the author in hopefully telling as much a story as possible with an image.The long stretch of the street to the vanishing point on the horizon also relates to the foreground elements by suggesting the direction of movement of the delivery man, providing cohesion for the composition as a whole.

There She Is

(Camera: Panasonic GH2; Black-and-White high-contrast style)
The GH2's focusing is responsive. But it takes an equally responsive photographer to make good use of it. For a scene like this, the moment between "there she is" and "there she went" may be just a split of a second apart.
A big site has just revisited the GH2 and some, to say the least, biased comments were given by the reviewer, who admitted being a big fan of the GH series. The inadequancies of the camera in IQ and focusing are either moderated or glossed over. The expectations and performance of the GH2 should be considered with reference to competitors at the same level or, more accurately put, comparable price level.
(100% crop)

The Peak

(Camera: Ricoh GX200)The thick fog makes it best in a year for walking along the trail on the Peak on Hong Kong Island. Flanking the trail are the heavily grown bushes and trees which, joining the fog, hide the view and passage ahead from your eyes.  If you are in town, go up there to enjoy the dream-like scene.
Up there it is like 8 degree centigrade with the splattering of who knows whether they are raindrops or simply water droplets from the fog. Literally so cool -- cold, actually! (GX200 with 19mm converter)

This is Sunday. Enjoy it your own way.