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All Hands

(One of the fishball kiosks near Dundas Street, Hong Kong)Roadside fishball kiosks are a unique common sight in Hong Kong and are ubiquitous in the more local neighbourhoods. The must-try food items topping the list are deep-fried or poached octopus tentacles that help build up heart attacks, stinky tofus (but yum in your mouth) that evoke pent-up vomits and deep-fried fishballs with sweet and sour sauce or chili sauce for sure. And believe it or not, these kiosks pay some of the dearest rents in the world for the tiny premises to make lots of money. On the same side of the road where this kiosk is on, there are a whole array of different roadside eateries that sells food ranging from the self-proclaimed Ireland's special snacks to fun stuff like the "relaxing biscuits" which allure unceasing queues of anxious customers all day long. A true food heaven it is!