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Showing posts from December 1, 2013

Luck and Patience

(Ricoh GRD4)

The image would have been very bland if not for the luck of me  upon waiting patiently to have the opportune arrival of a car shining light from its headlights at a low angle, therefore rendering the scene in a very dimensional way.

123 Solitude

(Ricoh GRD4)

Air, pressure and solitude are some of the intangible topics which may be considered challenging to effectively reproduce in images. The mood, the light and the composition, as well as the relationship between the key elements within the frame, have to be brought together in a creative way to that end.  For today's photo, I especially included the number 3 which may read in an additional dimension of interest for its distance and echo to the two crossed legs.  And where is the "1"? Now use your imagination and again look at the gaps between the flooring planks of the boardwalk.