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(Leica X1)

That's what the weekend is for.

Jump Over the Obstacles

(Leica X1)

We may spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the strengths and weaknesses of cameras. At long last, we strike the deal and our expectation rises with the seemingly everything-is-better new toy in hand. But well before it is far from its due day, some newer models give us a good excuse to moan and grumble about the shortcomings of the once new camera for its lacking of longer zoom range, non-ideal high ISO performance, hundredth of a second slower AF speed, yada yada.Every camera has its flaws and foibles in matters of actual use. Just as the author noted from a local camera reviewer, the X Pro-1 is going to fail the photographers for its AF speed. But why don't we make use of the constraints of a camera before bitching it? Lately, the author has been using the Leica X1 everyday. It has lots of "weaknesses" for street photography compared to Ricoh GX200, especially for the shallower DOF when aperture stopped down. But then, it compels the author to thi…

Pot Calling Kettle Black

(Leica X1)

Well, well, well, what is the good of a well without water? But then what can be good about a well too full of water?  Look at your camera cabinet, it's so embarrasingly crowdy, isn't it?
The Chinese proverb corresponding to "Pot calling kettle black" is, literally, "the person paced 50 steps sneers at the other at 100 steps" (pronounced in Cantonese: ngsap bou siu babou).  It means that a person having done a bit wrong has the chutzpah to sneer at the other having done a bit more wrong.

Now check out your camera cabinet again: one, two, three, four.... Has there been a point in using any forum that you sarcastically wrote about you being a real photographer not a camera collector? Well, your stock of five cameras cannot qualify you as a collector who has a stock of cameras double yours. But look, isn't there a slight flight of fancy deep inside yourself making your mouth watering about the X Pro-1, about adding just one more to your collectio…

Hmmm, What Did You Just Say?

(Leica X1)

"Sorry, I'm...terribly sorry..."

D&G Hong Kong, the recent source of public indignation for its photo ban on locals, has finally eaten its humble pie today after protesters staging group photo sessions outside its store on Canton Road during the last two weekends.
This morning, the Italian fashion giant issued a statement to apologise to the local people:
"We understand that the events which unfolded in front of the Dolce & Gabbana boutique on Canton Road have offended the citizens of Hong Kong, and for this we are truly sorry and we apologize," it said.

"The Dolce & Gabbana policy is to welcome the Hong Kong people and that of the whole world respecting the rights of each individual and of the local laws."
In making a fuss about shooting photos outside its shop, D&G did overlook the local law.  While it first rejected its wrong doing, today's statement coming two weeks late is generally believed to be on account of not the…

Leica: I Am the Original, not Dead Duck

(Leica X1)

Before going into the actual topic of this post, which is Leica's likely answer to the clumsily named X Pro 1 – let's keep the fingers crossed that the implementation of functions will be less so, we should learn something about today's shot of seemingly animal genocide.  No, they were not killed by an insane serial animal killer.  Cured meat like these cured, well, duck heads is a Chinese delicacy which has been proved to be cancerogenic upon excessive consumption. Such food is usually consumed with congee.  If you don't know what congee is, look the word up in a dictionary. The neck meat is to be consumed not the head. Well, usually supposedly so.

Now back to the actual topic.  The X Pro 1 is making lots of photographers ticklish, and people are speculating on Leica’s answer to it.For that matter, an interview with Leica CEO in September 2011 can shed light on this pent-up demand for an answer. The interview articles reveals a few cues:

1) Leica will probab…

Revisiting an Important Place and the Important Thing

(Leica X1)

The author took a re-visit with the Leica X1 to the scene of the winning shot which was achieved after some 10 minutes' wait. The waiting didn't pay off this time.  It is always skills and luck that matter for a photographer at the end of the day.
This begs the question of why so many photographers spend so much time arguing about and comparing the good and bad of cameras per se. There are certainly many aspects in a camera which a photographer should consider before shelling out the money for it.  But the most important thing is whether it suits one's shooting style (Shooting on the street? Having a penchant for manual everything? etc.) and preferences (taste of image character, brand philosophy etc).  It is not just the better IQ or a larger sensor (well, discounting the sensors of P&Ss) or a retro design which most users are so obsessed with that measure the star-rating of a camera. The often animatedly debated image quality should be, paradoxically, give…


(Leica X1)This is Sunday.  Make it restful.