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Kiosk at Night

(Camera: Panasonic GF2)A stroll along the night market resulted in a penniless purse and some atmospheric shots.

Well Chosen?

(Camera: Sony A55)

Have you chosen the right way and threaded it all right this week? 
And with more relevancy, at these hours of a seemingly unavoidable Chernobyl-style catastrophe in Japan, will and can we manage to make the governments of the world to steer away from the perilous predilection of even more nuclear power projects?
We shall not learn a lesson the hard way until we go to the wall ourselves.
 -----  Greenpeace HK is holding a candlelight vigil at the Statue Square (adjacent to the Legislative Council building), Central this Sunday from 19:00 to 20:00 to mourn for the victims in Japan and to air out concerns on the use of nuclear power. The event is probably in Cantonese only.

So It Says

(Camera: Sony A55)And the ferry does a good job for that matter.

Play On

(Camera: Sony A55)No one is listening to you and you are feeling lonely? Play on, play on, whether you're at work or on whatever mission.


(Camera: Sony A55)To echo Crist's X, in a way.

Embroidery Slippers

(Camera: Sony A55)

At the very mention of Hong Kong's brand names, most locals will very likely give a big head shake of ignorance.  Not that Hong Kong doesn't have any good brand names representative of the city, it is just that the focus on building something long-standing in the community had not been quite there until the British handed over Hong Kong to China.  Under the British reign, Hong Kong was known as a "borrowed place living on borrowed time".  It was a place for making quick money within a limited time and anything in the way of this goal should and would be bulldozed, including lots of historical buildings to make way for luxury residential developments.  Hong Kong was represented by money, not history or anything long-standing.

 Then the Asian financial crisis swept the property value and the money-making opportunities off the place so extensively that, all of a sudden, people began to find value in history and became increasingly aware of the genius …


(Camera: Panasonic GF2)Forget about the puzzling work week, and focus on today only. This is Sunday, be un-puzzled.