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Showing posts from November 8, 2015

Exhibition of Daido Moriyama’s Works

(Ricoh GR)In between the time of slacking off a bit and spending much leisure time on photo contests, I went to Daido’s exhibition on its last day in town yesterday morning.  Not all the images on display are his best but they are invariably filled with the style and taste one will know distinctive about Daido’s works.  The one prominent thing about the master’s shots is that the image quality, hence the grade of camera or lens, is virtually irrelevant.  Not even the photographic skill.  The gem is in the idea and theory the creator has in every single recorded scene through his eye.  The coarseness, imperfection and split-moment impulse are conspicuously flowing in the mastery shots – we all know that Daido celebrates imperfect images, don’t we?