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Showing posts from March 24, 2013

Please Mind the Doors

(Leica D-Lux 5)

"Beep, beep, beep, beep...please mind the doors" is a boring familar boardcast line in the underground train compartments in Hong Kong to warn commuters off the closing doors. A departure from the boredom took place yesterday morning when this line was heard. It was a near miss but could have given a horrible result if otherwise.
In the labyrinth of routes, a train running on one of the lines somehow lost track of which side of the doors should be opening as it stopped at the platform.  So both sides of the doors opened. Luckily, it was some 10 minutes shy of the the peak of the morning rush hour. If in the latter case, the cramped compartment would have disposed of some unlucky guys onto the track through the gap between the train and the tunnel wall.
Horrible indeed!

Helpers Not Given Justice?

(Leica X1)

This is a photo of some Filipino domestic helpers in the street taken in 2012.

Yesterday was called a dark day by Filipino domestic helpers supporting their two countrywomen as appeal respondents claiming for the right to permanent residency in Hong Kong as the Final Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the other side of the proceeding, the Government. The top appeal judges held the unanimous view that domestic helpers have an understanding of the nature of their temporary stay and deprivation of an access to the permanent abode right from the outset when they enter into the contract. This reasoning was thought to be not on a definitive law basis by the respondents' legal representative for most other expats working in Hong Kong can on some terms apply for permanent Hong Kong citizenship.
Whenever there is a choice, there will be a dilemma and contradictory views. Being just has never been in an absolute sense. Justice is quite a fascinating topic and I can easily recomm…