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Fitness, Chinese Style

(I was walking past the exercisers and took a snapshot of them with my GX200.  The unintented tilting rightly draws the viewers' attention to the man who is the master.  The image would be bland otherwise)One of the best thing about walking around town in the morning in Hong Kong is the chance of bumping into people doing exercises in parks.  In huge regional parks or small local parks, there are exercisers in a motley of causal wear enjoying their fitness sessions in diversified forms.  But you've got to be an early bird.  Most of the sessions will finish be half past eight in the morning.You may see people practising what seems to be Kungfu.  Taichi, maybe.  But not all of them.  Take for example people in the photo above, they were moving in fast actions.  Surely, that wasn't Taichi.  The kernel of the Chinese-style exercises is to regulate the co-ordination of and circulation within the body.BoxingA popular Kungfu-like exercise is the Luk Tunk Kuen (LTK), or literally …

Shop till (His Tears) Drop

(One of the huge, more explicit kind of outdoor ads in Causeway Bay. The first sight of it reminded me of not an appetite of shopping but-- I beg your pardon -- just some fishy, stinky odour. The tram just whooshed by just in time to made this a beautiful scene too enticing for me not to click on the GX200 shutter. Talking about trams, I should tell some interesting facts about them after I've got good photos of this century-old public transport)Yesterday, I wrote about the flea markets of my choice in Hong Kong. An Aussie friend of mine, after her fifth visit to Hong Kong, has so far spent in my estimation a grand total of 18 full hours of amassing her plunders in Stanley Market. That coould be a record of a single shopper for Stanley Market.Luckily, she was crazy about shopping in the flea market only. If it were other upmarket shopping districts, her husband would have gone broke.(One of the ostentatious signs showing expensive brandnames along the Canton Road) Local shoppin…

Best Shopping in Asia Pacific

(The flea markets in Hong Kong are mostly along a narrow street flanked by old buildings in busy business areas.  A walk through the flea markets is in itself an experience.  This is the Ladies' Market in Mongkok)Is Hong Kong still a shopping paradise?  Yes, according to the Global Travel and Tourism Survey findings just released by CNN.  Hong Kong ranked above all in the Asia Pacific region on tourism categories  of shopping, night life and vibrant city life.For shopping, Hong Kong can undoubtedly offers you the best experience in the region and even in the whole whorld.(A tourist wandering in a Fa Yuen Street flea market, overlooked by Winnie the Pooh)Apart from the ubiquituous first-rate, big shopping malls across the territory, the flea markets give a different experience of shopping which I preferred.  The flea markets are unique in its own right.  They are mostly crowded but systematic, old without being off-putting or smelly.   The flea markets I have been to, in Athens, Pa…

Hold on for a Second, Kids!

(These kids posed for my GX200 without me telling them to hold on.  Read on to know why)Have you ever heard a frenzy photographer shouting this "tall order" to the permanently evasive kids? Okay, it may at first be spoken as softly as can be.  But either way, by the next minute, the order will get the photographer ridiculed by the fact that the kids are oblivious to him and still running away from his camera.As evidenced in my experience, there is a very good trick to save the photographer the day, especially where there are many around like the drunken barflies around a bar.There is an old game for children in Hong Kong having been passed down from generations to generations; well, at least starting from the generations when the traffic light saw, so to speak, the light of the day. 
The game is called, Yet Yee Sam Hung Luk Deng, or literally, One Two Three Traffic Light.  By playing this game with the kids, the photographer can leisurely stand on the same spot and have the …

Fretted without Fuming

This post is devoted to a real hero. He is Mr Man.For all the troubles coming to his ways and the stress of the family, the children, the in-laws and people around him, he does not budge a bit, at least on the surface. But he does not get muddled about letting out his emotion in private, I'm sure.He is a quick witted person filled with stamina. Any other person will either get depressed or become mental in his situation.If there is one prayer I can say for him, let him be out of the harm's way this minute.Life is far from what we can fathom.You don't know him. But you may give your good wishes or say a prayer for him and his family, this minute.

Sucked and Stuck

"Hey, help! It is sucking me it 'privately'.  This really sucks and I'm very stuck!" the man cries."Oh, man, hang on! I'm pulling you out!" Taken with a G10.  Have a nice day!