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Sleep I Can't

Photos with high grab quotient have an immediate appeal to viewers.  They arrest your attention right away but the more you look at them, their depth would become more shallow.  A sexist analogy may be that they are 15-second nymphs who grow wrinkles on their face, harvest fat in their tummy and droop from the shoulders the next second. There is no more room left for fancy.

On the contrary, there are some photos that don't turn your head at first sight. But they grow on you over time and make you want to look at them again and again.  They appear richer every single time you revisit them. They will eventually get into your heart and stay there, always providing new room for imagination when they meet your eyes..

If you ake time to muse about this mystery, you would probably find that this applies to all forms of art. To have an eye for this potentially rich works is important.  And in photography, such photographers are able to take mesmerising shots. This quality may come as a g…
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Lonely Afternoon

I fixated my gaze across the table onto where the shadows and light fell. Slowly and quietly as if I would disturb the sleep of the shadows in the empty room, I put up my Leica to my eye, meticulously framed the photo before pressing the shutter release fully.  It was the feel of the scene.
Leica is so slow in operation, just perfect for sipping in the feel.

Soft Spot Still

It is extremely unusual for a grown man to in any way impede the progress of anything and everything trivial or all-important engulfing his life day in and day out especially when those persons, of whom there is an insufferable number in the world, have poor time management.  Unfortunately and embarrassingly so, it seems to be exactly the case happening to me.
(Visiting the Leica Gallery in Prague, 2016)

It has been a long while since I last updated this blog in 2016 after the trip to Austria and the Czech Republic. 

While people face the tyranny of work with the increasingly deflated buying power that comes of it which makes up a large part of the journey of most to the graveyard, the enjoyable moments of wandering away from such uninviting destination are incontestably, apart from the solace one may find in religions, either when we are with our loved ones or submerge ourselves in a hobby or two.
(Meeting photography blogger friend Crist again with his girlfriend, 2017 -- we first met i…

A Photographer’s Perennial Doubt

(Leica X1)If the camera industry and in fact the whole photographic community had been all the trees in the garden, what could be the photographers’ perennial doubt as the nourishment other than the constant wondering of when the non-existent best camera would be here on earth?  Notwithstanding the lack of preciseness in the question asked, the doubt itself is the fuel that has kept the history of photography going in a big way.So to contribute to the course of that history, and hence the development of humanity, I have recently been wondering if it is high time for me to make a proper upgrade to hopefully the Leica system.(Ricoh GR)The Ricoh system was my first sortie into the digital photographic era as I evolved from what the quantum leap in digital photography has made it seemed the medieval film period.  I still keep the the historical relic, the Minolta Dynax 7 (film) for its sentimental value to me though.  Kudos to the Ricoh GX200 designed with photographers in mind, it had le…

Life Attitude

One of the reasons I made my foray into photography some light years ago was because I had a sum of government grants for paying for my first semester in the uni and a marked lack of interest in any other hobby that I thought was remotely related to endearing myself to any prospective girlfriend in an effective way – which was proved a smart and fruitful choice.

(Ricoh GR)

I had saved some pocket money from my mum to pay for the semester instead.  Huh!

I have never been very comfortable with action sports.  I don’t like the way those sports requiring one to compete with another in a way that the whole reality seems to build only on winning over the others.  That’s just personal.  I was more the Confucian kind of man of sport – that rather static kind of observant chap that could sit effortlessly with and listen effort-fully to you for hours, patting on your shoulder to cue you to move on and over.  I can do sports but odds are the result I get won’t look anything else other than embar…

A Very Mixed SoHo

(Ricoh GR)SoHo of Hong Kong got its name from south of Hollywood Road, which is the area strewn with swanky bars, restaurants, boutiques in a mix with some very old, traditional Cantonese shops.  The last decades have seen lots of art galleries springing up in the area, taking advantage of the absence of specific taxation regime for art sale in Hong Kong, to earn easy money from the veracious Chinese buyers.  The area is more known for its nightlife but I definitely recommend a walk in daytime to get a taste of the exotic east-meet-west mix.  Most Chinese shops and restaurants close in the evening.

What Really Matters

(Ricoh GR)I’ve found myself constantly slowing down among the daily busyness to enjoy more of everything around as I approach the slide-down section of the backslope from the timeline of age.  I’m taking everything more easy.  It’s the quality of life that matters after all.  It’s less about material stuff than the spiritual fulfillment.  Probably this newfound philosophy in me has found its way to the hobby part of my life.  Yes, it’s nice to have a new camera with functions that blow one’s mind.  One that allows the sharp images to ravish your eyes, when the elements are right and the there is good light.  But at the end of the day, it is still the image that matters.  It is still how the photographic eye interprets a scene all right that makes the image click.So it’s still me carrying my camera everyday to try my luck around each corner where a photo worthy opportunity may present itself.  My 5-year-old a55, 4-year-old Leica X1 and 2-year-old GR are my constant companions to see th…