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City in Stripes: Assorted

(Ricoh GRD4)Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

City in Stripes 4: Building and Builder

(Ricoh GRD4)

If one goes up to the Peak and looks down, it is a view of Hong Kong strewn thick with skyscrapers.  While some visitors may be amazed at first sight, the building density is so high that the unsightly view can quickly choke off their holiday mood if not for the breathing space afforded by the streak of waters separating the land and the mountain ranges on the far side stopping further unruly dispersion of these developments. I am in no way a fan of modern buildings but old historical ones appeal to me greatly. If there is a feeling to represent modern glassy buildings, they are cold and do not connect with people. These concrete mammoths are first and foremost the tool to flaunt wealth. If there is really some saving grace of having them, it is merely that they remind me of what tremendous efforts the unsung heroes actually building it have put in. Some elements in today's photo may humbly give a footnote to what comes to mind when this scene appeared before my eyes.

City in Stripes 3: Light Rods

(Ricoh GRD4)Enjoy!

City in Stripes 2: Bisections

(Ricoh GRD4) There is the left-right bisection, as well as a somewhat hidden top-bottom one on the right side of the scene. Enjoy the city, in stripes.

City in Stripes 1: Shaded Tunnel

(Leica X1)

By visually deconstructing any mega cities like Hong Kong, one could be amazed to discover that these cities are formed by crisscross and its variant structures, or one may say by arrays of stripes pointing to different directions.  I am going to make this week's photos themed on City in Stripes.  Enjoy!