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Hea Ha

(Ricoh GX200)

"Hea" is a Cantonese colloquial expression meaning roughly "take a breather", in a self-depreciative or sometimes a derogative sense. Weekends give us good excuses and opportunities to "hea ha" ("ha" is sort of an exclamation meaning, roughly, "just".)

Chinese Revolution

(Samsung NX10)The figurine on the right is Chiang Kai Shek, one of the forefathers of the Dr Sun's KMT party which overthrew the Qing Dynasty , and the tallest one on the left is Mao whose party ousted the KMT and took hold of China.  This year is the centenary of KMT's revolution against the last imperial dynasty in China, discounting the present one.So there are some related projects and activities going on.  There is an "attraction" – a small Pak Tse Lane Park setting out Sun's history in Hong Kong – added to the existing Sun's historical trail running across Central and Sheung Wan.  Hulu Culture is organising guided tours along the historical trail (contact them here). Jacky Chan's 100th movie – 1911 Revolution is on. If you are in Hong Kong, why not take the chance to get a taste of history?

OT: Steve Jobs dead at 56

The news came 14 minutes ago.

(14 hours later: For today's post, I hoped to post some shots of people paying tribute to Jobs at the newly open Apple Store here. I did get there but didn't take any shot cos I wanted to be polite and really pay my tribute to this great genius. So no shot for this special, tragic today.)

Renovation Worker

(Ricoh GX200)Renovation workers are in short supply in this city. According to some in the trade, every months see tens of cases of renovation companies leaving the works unfinished. The younger people are all so very reluctant to enter into the profession that the companies are having a hard time retaining their employees. This leads to the vicious cycle of workers jumping boat, causing the companies to fail to deliver their promises with clients.

Red Blood Cells

(Ricoh GX200)

The street is where one can observe the street-smartness of Hong Kong people, and even the economic performance.It is generally held that the more the taxis move about on the road, the better the economy is getting. On the contrary, lots of taxis lining up at the taxi ranks augurs a stagnant economy ahead.Thanks to the stanch support of the big-spending Mainland cousins, these telltale signs are becoming not as much of the performance of local economy as they are the number of Mainland travellers.

Scavenger at Sea

(Ricoh GX200)Enjoy your day.

On the Sick Bed

(Sony A55)
The news came as expected but it is saddening to see an old friend going; well, not going right now, but soon. Today is Sunday. Cheer up.