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Sleepy Driver

(Ricoh GRD4)LOL!


(Ricoh GRD4)

It seems to be just some time ago when I raved about the unmatched fusion of a wide-angle lens and a small camera body which was the Ricoh GX200, my first sortie into digital photography.  It was actually in 2008. The demand for such smaller-sensor serious compacts is dwindling but I still feel strongly that this niche market is worthy of preserving. Most importantly, the extensive-DOF capability stands tyros in good stead as they can focus more on what and how to shoot without the need to keep an eye on the exposure. But I cannot deny that these cameras can never come up with truly useful images at ISO 1600 and higher for dimly lit scenes. The two images of today were done at ISO 3200 – and of course my hands didn't oblige me to do steady shots as I was moving at great speed.