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Off-Topic: Macbeth the Play

The author just watched the play performed by UK's TNT last night.  It is ACE. There are still performances for today and tomorrow. You can make a try to see if there are still tickets at the door of the performing venue (probably nothing left online – you can try too). Below is quoted from HK Magazine:
If you missed out on "Richard III" like we did, get your fill of Shakespeare with TNT Theatre Britain's interpretation of the Scottish Play. Since its premiere in 2000, TNT's "Macbeth" has been performed in more than 500 cities around the globe. Their cutting-edge special effects, original musical scores and charming British accents make this bloody drama a real treat, even if you've seen it a hundred times. Various showtimes including weekend matinee performances.

When: Through Oct 16
How much: $160-260 from
Where:Theatre, City Hall, 5 Edinburgh Place, Central Hong Kong
Nearest train statation: Central

A Mister and His Companion

(Ricoh GX200)

As the stage is the companion to Shakespeare, the wild a wildlife photographer, the street is the one to a coolie. If a writer is often seen with an ever expanding tummy, a photographer a trailing tail of pony, a labourer, certainly, bugles of muscularity.

Free Photo Review Meeting

A Jenny of  the Orchid Gallery (its website is either exclusive to members or not on its feet yet) who also belongs to the team running a non-profit making (as told by Jenny) Just Photography Group has hooked up with GXG and asked if a message can be posted here.
Well, who won't be interested in free stuff? So, why not? But first thing first, the author has not any personal connection with JPG or taken part in its meetups. A visit to JPG's meetup page reveals some quite interesting meetings though, as well as members from different nationality and background.
JPG has some paid courses and free meetings too. The upcoming free one is a photo review meeting with a HK-based Evangelo Costadimas. Maybe a great way to learn something new and meet some new friends? You decide.
Details of the event can be seen after the link.
(IMPORTANT: Evangelo emailed to confirm the following -- mark that the venue has been CHANGED: "Yes, this is open to everyone and is free of charge. The venue is…

Thomas and Themis

(Ricoh GX200)

Thomas, the earlier 19-century chief manager of the HSBC, aka its "Great Architect"; Themis, the Greek goddess of Justice and Law and adviser to Zeus -- the two have been facing one another for almost a century on the Statute Square.  If they were given a human heart, could they have had a fell for each other?
The blind-folded Themis statue surmounting the neo-classical building, which was once the British Hong Kong Supreme Court building, then the Legislative Council building and is soon to become the SAR's Court of  Final Appeal building, is said to be a replica of the one on the Old Bailey of London.
The statute of Thomas, or Sir Thomas Jackson from Ireland to be exact, is one of the several statutes originally erected on the Statute Square (or known as Queen's Statute Square in Chinese).  The Queen Vic's statute was relocated to the Victoria Park after the WWII, during which the Japanese occupation force removed the many iron statutes to Japan pen…

I'll Follow Him

(Ricoh GX200)
What if the subject turns back and finds out that I am shooting? This is the perpetual question hanging over the head whenever the author takes such candid street shots. The nervousness speaks itself even louder when the shots are done head-on. A mitigating remedy is to use a camera with a sub-APC-S/ sub-MFT sensor, which gives the right mix of good IQ and a more extensive DOF. The DOF advantage is indispensible as the street shot photographer usually doesn't have the luxury to do the exposure combo while minding the adequate DOF in response to a photography opportunity. For that matter, the like of the GRD IV still has a market amid the keen competition from the mirror-less models.
Hong Kong is selling the black GRD IV at HK$5,000, and the white limited edition at HK$6,000 plus.  With an extra HK$400, owners are entitled to choose from one of the three "skins" for the bulge. Fitting is free of charge.

Egg Tart Cut

(Ricoh GX200)The hairstyle of this bloke is known to the locals here as egg tart cut, probably because of the flattened top reminiscent of the levelled surface of an egg tart.  Egg tart is a local delicacy which the last British Governor (now Chancellor of the Oxford University), Chris Pattern has a penchant for.

Furry Young Adult

(Ricoh GX200)This is Sunday. Enjoy the nature.