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Leica $-$y$tem Work$hop

The post title makes it obvious about the importance of naming a system. The Leica $ system, the gem that makes us drool (and then droop for lacking of funds), now opens its arms to those who have the money to burn but wish to burn it at a slower pace and over a longer period of time. Beg that the workshop will be at just a fraction of what the system is going to cost you. There is something sometimes requiring straight action without reasoning. Buying Leica, to many, is one of that something. Act now before you regret having regretted the lack of wherewithal. (Hong Kong only)


(Ricoh GRD4)Enjoy!

Oh My Gods

(Ricoh GRD4)

Which was exactly my exclamation when I realised, or found myself being unable to realise, how a locust is different from a British dog. What a reasoning guru! Really beyond me.
On today's shot, the red-faced old man wearing a long beard is a general-turned deity known as Kwan Tei. The goddess? She is an expat from India -- Bodhisattva. And the red tablet is actually the humble home to the Earth god. He is a native Chinese. Surely everyone knows Indian Budda, who faintly appears on the upper right-hand corner.

Tell the Differences Apart

(Sony A55)

Every trend has a pattern of interval before reoccurring. Sometimes the pattern is market-driven but for most of the time is the choreographed result of the industry players. Examples are not rare of such marketing maneuvers spiraling upwards to become over-dosage until the potential customers are completely fed up. There are few admirable exceptions, the brain-children of Steve Jobs being some. But he knew innovations. He was not known for nothing about beating down his own innovations with newer ones. When it comes to the camera market, there is no Steve Jobs yet. The velocity of churning out new cameras turns so speedy that the novel models seem to aim at nothing but making a headline for their fifteen minutes of fame. Take for example the fad of retro-looking camera. The form factor is more for the mere sake of cosmetic.
I am really seeing not much, if any, and if I can put it this way, innovative bang for the buck on the camera market lately. The Sony A55's translu…